What is a Dramatic Monologue?

Most of us associate the word “monologue” with the theatre. Some of the most famous monologues are part of the dramatic genre; Hamlet’s monologue, for example. Given this, what can a “dramatic monologue” possibly be? It is actually a type of poem. These poems in deed bare a relationship with the dramatic genre. Just asContinue reading “What is a Dramatic Monologue?”

Narrators, Their Agendas and the Purpose of Narrating

It is difficult to conceive the idea of a novel without a narrator. The only way in which you can know what happened is through them. Narrators have different levels of “power”, so to speak: there are ones who are only capable of telling you what they see, and there are others who can getContinue reading “Narrators, Their Agendas and the Purpose of Narrating”