Teacher Tip #1: Set Boundaries on Your Email Time

On my very first week of teaching, I set up myself for failure. Why? Because I didn’t set email hours with the students. ⠀⠀⠀Storytime:I had assigned a homework that they did not know how to do (because surprise surprise, they weren’t paying attention during instruction) and at 10:00 pm of the night before the dueContinue reading “Teacher Tip #1: Set Boundaries on Your Email Time”

The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter | Book Review

The Magic Toyshop tells the story of a young woman who, by a very tragic accident, is forced to live with her uncle and his family. She has to take her brother and sister with her, and she soon realizes that her uncle is not what she thought he could be. So instead of beingContinue reading “The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter | Book Review”

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad | Book Review

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is a bit of a rite of passage for all English mayors. At some point in your career you have to read it because it’s a classic. And if you’re a teacher, at some point you will have to teach it. One of the most interesting things about thisContinue reading “Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad | Book Review”

The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter | Book Review

Hey everyone! Today I have a book review of The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter. This is a collection of 10 short stories where Carter rewrites popular fairy tales, and she often makes several versions of her own writings as well. The fairytales include “Blue Beard”, “Snow White”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “The Erl-King”, “SleepingContinue reading “The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter | Book Review”

The Last Wish (The Witcher Series #1) | Book Review

Hey everyone! Today I have a book review of The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski. This book and the next one are a collection of short stories that introduce the world of The Witcher: they narrate life portraits of the adventures of Geralt of Rivia; how he met certain characters, and what happened that created hisContinue reading “The Last Wish (The Witcher Series #1) | Book Review”

Gothic Book Recommendations

Gothic literature is my favorite genre and a popular one to teach students. It was overlooked by the critic for many years but now there is a complete school of the gothic. Find out my 11 gothic book recommendations for your classroom library or unit studies: Dracula by Bram StokerThis is my favorite book inContinue reading “Gothic Book Recommendations”

Using quiz cards to learn quotations

Quotations are the essence of a literary work and it’s important for students to identify them, understand them, and analyze them. Sometimes, their meaning can only be grasped after rereading them several times and being fully familiarized with the text, especially when it comes to Shakespeare. Sounds difficult? Yes but I have come up withContinue reading “Using quiz cards to learn quotations”

The Turn of the Screw – Book Review

The novel begins with a gathering of people that are telling ghost stories on Christmas Eve and one of the men comes up with a manuscript written by a governess about an event that occurred 40-50 years before. In the manuscript the governess narrates the supernatural events that occurred at Bly and how she struggledContinue reading “The Turn of the Screw – Book Review”

A long awaited update

The fact that I could not remember ANY of the posts I had is an embarrassing proof of how much I’ve neglected this post. But trust me, it was not without good reason. My life drastically changed last September and such a change involved stressful preparation during the prior months and a long period of excitement, adaptation, and reflection for the subsequent ones. Here’s an update of life lately