A long awaited update

The fact that I could not remember ANY of the posts I had is an embarrassing proof of how much I’ve neglected this post. But trust me, it was not without good reason. My life drastically changed last September and such a change involved stressful preparation during the prior months and a long period of excitement, adaptation, and reflection for the subsequent ones. Here’s an update of life lately

Moved to Venice
The change that had a domino effect on everything in my life and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I moved to Venice, Italy to study my Master Degree in English and American Studies. While the degree is not exactly what I expected, the city has become my home. I have never before been so attached to one place as I am to Venice; let us just say that this city has reshaped my identity and carved a special place in my heart. I hope to stay here for years to come ❤

Venice has the best sunsets ever

I quit my teaching job in order to pursuit my dreams so, naturally, I have been jobless for a year. I am trying to get a teaching internship here in Italy because, since the difference in educational systems is so great, and I have plenty to learn as a teacher newbie, it is a better option now than starting in a new classroom on my own. Plus, I’ll be moving to Austria for a semester abroad soon and then returning, which makes it impossible to get something more. If all works well, I will get something at the start of 2021. If not, I’ll keep sending resumes.

Unveiled by Poetry rebrand
Now that I am on summer vacation and free from all compromises, I can finally focus on rebuilding my store and my brand (which is why I might seem a little pushy haha!). Having this year away from my store allowed me to discover incredible teachers and resources. I got incredible ideas for new products and it’s all thanks to this period of learning. These teachers inspired me to take my store more seriously and treat it as an actual job. With an actual job come real responsibilities and demands; thus, I am putting a lot of effort into creating new products, building my blog, being more present on social media, and the like. And well, I need to get it going before moving to Austria because then things will get very crazy for a while (no pressure huh).

New teaching resources
Apart from a COMPLETE store redesign, I have created a few products in the past days:

Macbeth Activity Almanac
This almanac has 11 fun and engaging games to apply learning. It was inspired by educational magazines for kids.
All of the puzzles come with an answer key.
BONUS: Digital crossword

My Last Duchess poetry lesson
Full poetry lesson that guides you through the process of teaching this poem.
It features:
* a lesson plan
* poet and context notes
* annotated poem
* 7 page student workbook
* answer key
* digital version

Drama Analysis Worksheets
15 pages with more than 30 exercises that will help your students master ANY PLAY that they come across with. Divided by acts and scenes for better organization; you can print as many as the play requires.

Ozymandias poetry lesson
Full poetry lesson that guides you through the process of teaching this poem.
It features:
* a lesson plan
* poet and context notes
* annotated poem
* 8 page student workbook
* answer key
* digital version

New monthly store catalogue:
This is a new trend that I came up with and I hope I can share it with you every month. The beauty of this thing is that you have in ONE PLACE all of my resources with description, highlights, nice categories, and best of all, LINKED FOR EASY PURCHASE! I love browsing through magazines and catalogues and I wanted to bring that feeling into my store.
Subscribe here to download the catalogue for FREE.

Phew, that was a lot! Props to you if you made it to the end of this post. I have many more products ready to upload that I hope you will enjoy. Stay tuned because more blog posts are also coming this way 😉

Lots of love,

Published by Dany Szelsky

I worked as a TA at university from 2017-2018 teaching the seminars of Gothic Literature, Postmodernist Literature, and Modernist Literature. I worked from 2018-2019 as a High School Literature teacher with six groups on 10th grade and one in 12th grade. I taught 7 classes to over 180 students. I am currently studying an MA in English and American Studies at Ca' Foscari University of Venice.

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