“Unveiled” by Dany Szelsky

“Unveiled” by Dany Szelsky

The sorrow in your eyes
brings eternity to life
the voice of innocence
lost in silent tears.

Farewell, words unspoken,
to a trail of shadows,
the haunting pain
Of a lonely soul.

The grass caresses
the wounds they left
on a hopeful heart,
an imaginative mind.

Unveiled by poetry,
the dew shines on my life,
softening the anguish,
whispering comfort.

Sail to the horizon
dimmed by nature;
the fog embraces me
as I navigate to oblivion.


I submitted this poem for publishing at my school’s journal and it was accepted 😀 My students seemed to like it very much so I decided to share it with you all. I’m grateful for all the positive feedback I’ve been receiving lately ❤

Dany Szelsky

Published by Dany Szelsky

I worked as a TA at university from 2017-2018 teaching the seminars of Gothic Literature, Postmodernist Literature, and Modernist Literature. I worked from 2018-2019 as a High School Literature teacher with six groups on 10th grade and one in 12th grade. I taught 7 classes to over 180 students. I am currently studying an MA in English and American Studies at Ca' Foscari University of Venice.

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