“Streams of Darkness” by Dany Szelsky

I stare out the window
And contemplate the end of everything,
Of pain, of loneliness, of heartache,
Of the ice cold shivers that numb my limbs,

My eyes burn swollen
With streams of the darkness
that erupted within me
The overflowing thoughts of an empty soul.

I follow through the motions
In this bottomless pit of shadow
Seeking for a guiding light
To take my hand and bring me peace.

A reckless being playing with fire,
Relishing wonderful and terrible sensations,
I throw myself to the abyss
In search of caring horizons.

An angel calls me from the end of the world,
a sacrifice of sorrow is the required offering
But fear is the paralyzing evil
The shatterer of dreams and magic.

Published by Dany Szelsky

I'm a 24 year old artist and book lover. My thoughts and creations had been dormant until now. With this blog, I'd like to share how a wanderer writes her world into existence. This is a place for dreamers and for dreams.

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